How it works

Every project or assignment begins with an initial, free consultation. Client needs are established and solutions offered to meet those demands. We offer three different packages. But whichever one you choose will be individually tailored to meet your needs.


The entry-level package provides a writing and editing service. This is ideal for companies that know exactly what they need and are happy with the way they want to use the end product. Cost-effective and focused.


We provide the words and offer suggestions as to how they can be used to maximise your return. We offer an introduction to trusted partner organisations but leave it to you to co-ordinate work with them. 


The complete solution and a hassle-free way to meet your marketing needs. This involves writing, editing and publishing - whether the words are for marketing material, websites or sales brochures. We co-ordinate everything from start to finish. This could include setting up a website from scratch, launching a sales campaign or re-branding. We deal with all suppliers on your behalf and make sure you get the best value. Cheaper and better than dealing with an agency.


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